Year of Paregor

The Paregorian calendar counts from the founding of the first human settlement in Sirania, even though there is some scholarly debate about exactly when that was – some claim it was much later, and some argue that there were already humans in Paregor and they were wiped out by the proto-Paregorians.

Timeline of some significant events in the history of Paregor:

0 The first humans arrive in southern Sirania, allegedly
21 The city of Brimaria founded
67 The city of Agraffe founded
89 The city of Labascus founded
98 Hiul City founded
104 The city of Brabia founded
169 The city of Gambrinia founded
196 The city of Drollus founded
208 War is declared between Drollus and Gambrinia
214 The city of Ebrios founded
215 Drollus surrenders to Gambrinia
216 War is declared between Gambrinia and Ebrios
221 The city of Durbar founded
217 War is declared between Gambrinia and Durbar
223 The city of Athanor founded
224 War is declared between Gambrinia and Athanor
The city of Ambry founded
War is declared between Gambrinia and Ambry
227 Gambrinia surrenders in what is known as the Ten Years War
228 Drollus restored as part of the peace settlement
342 The city of Faleste founded
War is declared between Gambrinia and Faleste
348 Armistice between Gambrinia and Faleste
460 The city of Scaevus founded
497 The city of Cacoethus founded
499 The city of Sloken founded
561 The city of Musard formerly recognised
568 Lord Matlock begins his Unification
591 All Paregor now under the rule of King Matlock
593 The beginning of the Great North War
594 Death of King Matlock – his two sons fight for the throne
595 Coronation of King Aran, eldest son of King Matlock
603 Deaths of King Aran and Lord Guthrie
The destruction of Skosuco
604 The Great North War is declared over
Unification pact official revoked, cities now independent
The Order of the Platinum Blade founded
607 Construction of the Wall of Bone begun
640 Construction of the Wall of Bone completed
650 The city of Feoffmet formerly recognised
667 The league of the Five Cities is formed
682 The Great Charter is signed, linking the cities in non-violence
783 The great epidemic hits Musard
849 The wheat famine devastates the north

963YP is the current year; so far there have been attacks on the northern border, sightings of a strange fleet from Almacantar, and attacks from the elves in the west – so all in all fairly quiet

Year of Paregor

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