Friendlier than their cousins in Talaria, the elves of the south are cultured and sophisticated; but then they can afford to be, since no living Selcuthan can remember a state of war.

True, there are occasional squabbles on the eastern frontier, where the people of Paregor often stray beyond their borders to hunt or trade, and have to be put in their place; apart from that, the Selcuthans live in profitable peace.

Which is not to say that the lands of Selcuth are not well defended; many foolish humans have died making that mistake.

Selcuth once owned the land that now forms western Paregor; the elder elves even remember the arrival and gradual expansion of the humans from over the sea. At first the new arrivals were watched but ignored; the elves did not expect these strangers to survive, let alone thrive. As the humans expanded the older race gracefully withdrew at first, abandoning the central plains; later on many battles were fought to contain the race of men, and they will fight again if humanity shows any further inclination to encroach on elven territory.

Capital city: Avizandian

Other major cities:


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