Almost a thousand years ago the first humans came to Sirania from the south; a few brave souls fleeing persecution – or perhaps a famine – or maybe it was a war. Anyway, for an unknown reason that first boat-load of explorers eventually landed in Paregor, and declared this their home.

Which tells you that they places they stopped on the way must have been pretty bad, for since their arrival on this continent the outnumbered humans have had to battle constantly for survival. The elves were unwelcoming, and they held the best and most fertile lands for themselves, but they weren’t the worst of it; there are creatures of darkness and destruction that roam freely across the kingdom, but they are not the worst of it; even Almacantar, the dreaded Almacantar, is not the worst that mankind faces in this desolate land.

The worst of this land is mankind itself.

Paregor does something to the human soul: it corrodes and corrupts, infects all somehow with the taint of the unnatural. Many now believe that these wild and barren lands were never meant for humans to inhabit, and everything since has been punishment for the arrogant pride of the first settlers.

Everyone knows the tales of pious monks turned to fanatics or brave warriors become berserkers; everyone watches their neighbours for the first signs of degenerate behaviour; everyone keeps a relic or a charm about their person and takes care to leave blades out of sight.

No-one needs reminding of the threat they face every day.

Less a country than a loose alliance of city states and petty feifdoms, the borders of Paregor mark the limit of human settlement in Sirania. To the West lie the elven realms of Selcuth and Talaria, to the north is Allotheia, the monstrous lands. There is currently an uneasy alliance between the men of Paregor and their elven neighbours; to the north is constant battle.

Eastward, though is where the fears of men point; to the east, just across the narrow Channel of Despair lies Almacantar, the land of otherworldly magic and lights in the sky.

According to historians, the last major war was fought between Paregor and Almacantar three hundred years ago, and was mutually ruinous; since then there has been no contact between the two lands.

As it’s not really a nation it has no real capital city, though the Supreme Viceroy of Gambrinia keeps trying; Brabia is the cultural centre, Musard the military hub, Ebrios is the major port and Merchants Fair is the trading hub – even if it doesn’t really exist.

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