Ebrios is the major port of Paregor, and is the busiest importer of foreign wares in the country. This is mainly because of the relaxed attitude of the Ebrians towards things like religion, foreigners, non-humans, magic, taxes and in fact laws in general.

The docks of Ebrios are always too small, and there is always talk of trade shifting to nearby WellesPort or bypassing Ebrios completely in favour of the cities further up the coast. The tolerance and laxity of Ebrios always prevails, however.

The city is ruled by the Council of Magistrates, a group of twelve men and women who parcel up public and civic duties roughly according to how much money can be made from them. Membership of the council is by election; when an old member dies, or retires, or is forced out in disgrace, the other members vote on a replacement; usually the only selection criteria is unwillingness to rock the boat. From these twelve a Chief Magistrate is selected, primarily on the basis of willingness to bribe the others, though the current incumbent turns out to have some crazy ideas about running the city for the benefit of the citizens. He won’t last.

There has been a city on this peninsular since long before the humans arrived, and there are plenty of unexplored ruins around.

Having born the brunt of hundreds of years of conflict with Almacantar, the Ebrian navy regards itself as the primary force in the defence of Paregor; of course the soldiers of the Dragon Legion dispute this. Inhabitants of the other cities regard Ebrians as strange, muttering that they live too close to Almacantar and have become warped by the magic that leaks out over the sea; this is probably true.

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