The Ebrios campaign

A fantasy sandbox for D&D 3.5

About three years ago I returned to the world of D&D after an eighteen year hiatus, and created the Ebrios campaign according to the following principles:

  • True magic exists, but is rare; the average person will live their entire life without witnessing spell-craft or being in the same building as a magic item. When the party find a magical item it will usually have a known history
  • In some places there is a hostility to magic, in others it is considered mythical
  • Healing potions are considered medicine and are easy to get hold of; nobody has to play a cleric
  • Like magic, non-human races exist in the human realm but are rare, though they are more common in a couple of cosmopolitan cities. In most places relations between humans and non-humans range from frosty and suspicious to downright hostile
  • It’s a low level campaign. The party started at first level and are currently third; they are reasonably well-known local figures at that level

This all reflects D&D the way I enjoyed it most when I played it all those years ago.

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